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10 Frequently Asked Questions about Sport Psychology

There are a number of ways that people construe sport psychology. Some people may see sport psychology as some sort of foreign concept, a concept that they may not necessarily be comfortable engaging with? A concept that is new, but also exciting? A concept that is only for people with performance deficits? A service where you will be provided with all the answers? A service where you are an idle cog in the development of your performance? Some of these may be true for you, others may be false for you, but fact is fact and below are some of the facts about Ahead for the game and the way we perceive our practice and sport psychology.

1. What is sport psychology?

Sport psychology is a branch of psychology that focuses on mental aspects of performance in athletes and exercisers alike. The focus remains entirely on performance enhancement whether you are in a performance detriment or not. It can be used to enhance existing good practices. If you have ever felt that you could push your performance slightly beyond your current capabilities then this could be something that could help in achieving that.

This is done by equipping you with the appropriate tools in order to self-regulate during any element of performance. These tools that you will acquire will help you in preparing for upcoming performances, deal with pressures associated with performance, in maintaining the processes that result in consistently strong performances, developing a sense of identity, vision and cohesion within a group as well as coping with errors. These are some of the areas that may be addressed by sport psychology, it is however not limited to this list.

2. What does Ahead for the game offer and how can it help me?

Ahead for the game offers services that are tailored to you, your context and your specific needs. These needs may be addressed through 1-1 sessions, group consultations or even educational workshops. A unique approach is taken to these sessions in that it is very much a collaborative approach to performance enhancement.

You can expect:

  • A prompt and professional service.

  • To be treated with empathy and respect.

  • A genuine relationship will be sought as this will help develop our practice and intervention.

  • Confidential consultations.

  • A unique programme tailored to your specific needs.

  • A DBS cleared and insured practitioner who practices according to the BPS and HCPC.

3. What are mental skills?

Mental skills are the tools that you will be equipped with. These tools will help you address the areas of your performance which you feel require attention. The primary mental skills that are usually considered include imagery, self-talk, goal-setting and relaxation. This list is however often developed upon depending on the needs of the individual.

4. Who is sport psychology appropriate for?

This service is appropriate for anyone who feels that they have some sort of unfulfilled potential. As mentioned previously, you do not need to be struggling with an element of performance to feel that sport psychology is suited to you.

In terms of what you need to be doing to feel that sport psychology is appropriate for you, there is an infinite list. The way that Ahead for the game conceptualises sport psychology is that any discipline which involves performance could be suited. This includes businesses, performing arts, coaches, military personnel, athletes and exercisers. Within this it is suited to individuals of any age and at any level of performance.

5. How long are sessions?

1-1 sessions typically involve between 45-60 minutes. Group sessions usually follow a similar timeframe, but workshops can vary in time depending on what is being offered.

1-1 sessions typically follow a 6 session template initially. This allows for an initial intervention to be conducted after which an evaluation may be conducted to decide whether further intervention is required.

When consulting groups, it is usually an intervention that deals with specific issues. This however can endure should there be a number issues that need to be addressed.

Workshops are usually conducted on a pro rata basis and this determines how long sessions are and how long they may continue for.

6. Where will sessions occur?

Upon initial contact, a decision will be made regarding where following consultations may occur. This is typically a place that can be relied on to be quite and confidential. There is opportunity for travel to a location that is convenient for you, but this could incur mileage further charges. Should face to face sessions be impossible, there is scope to meet virtually over skype with similar effect and principles applied regarding venues.

7. Is what we discuss confidential?

YES! There are very few circumstances under which confidentiality can be broken. These circumstances are usually outlined prior to or during the first session. These circumstances are in legal situations, however, should you wish that I share information that could enhance your performance with a coach or significant other, for instance, this can be arranged.

8. What are the costs associated with what Ahead for the game offers?

Costings are advertised on the website at:

Generally 1-1 sessions are set at £50 with potential for other costs included such as mileage. Should long term deals be desired, arrangements can be made to this end too. In addition, offers are often advertised on social media platforms and the website pertaining to discounted rates.

Group sessions and workshops are generally worked out based on the number of people involved and the amount of time taken. This is therefore considered on an individual basis upon enquiry.

9. Do I have to have something wrong with me?

By no means must there be something wrong with you. As mentioned above, such interventions can be used to enhance already existing frameworks.

10. What is expected of me?

Throughout the process, you will be expected to be an active participant. This will involve various tools and exercises that may require you to engage with them away from the consultations.

You will be expected to express honest opinions about your experiences in and out of sessions. In addition it will be expected that should you need to cancel/postpone sessions that notice of 24 hours at least is given.

Should you feel that any of the above does not address the queries that you may have had or address these queries entirely then do not hesitate to get in touch via the

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