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My Story

As a sport and exercise psychology consultant, I work with individuals from a variety of performance backgrounds. My work includes 1-1 sessions, workshops and lectures in a variety of settings such as rugby, football and netball at competitive and non-competitive levels. This has been with individuals from a variety of age groups. I have also worked with coaches to address various performance related issues.


I am a BPS and HCPC accredited sport and exercise psychologist. I graduated from the University of the West of England in Bristol with a MSc Sport and Exercise Psychology. This was after completing postgraduate and undergraduate study at Rhodes University in Psychology. I also have a Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science.


I believe that this contributes to my understanding and interest in sport and exercise psychology. This is an integral part of becoming a chartered psychologist.


I am currently based in Weston-Super-Mare and regularly travel throughout Somerset, Gloucester, Bristol, Cardiff, Bath, Taunton, Exeter and the surrounding areas in order to meet all of my client’s needs.

My Approach

A collaborative approach to enhanced performance

The main aim of such interventions is to primarily improve performance, and as a byproduct of this, improve general well-being.

My approach to consultations is on which views all presenting factors as a product of the environment that you exist in. With this in mind, I will attempt to understand your world and tailor a programme specifically to your needs. Within this approach, it is important to me that the process is collaborative and that you inform the path that the sessions follow. In doing this, I fully commit to the process in a professional manner ensuring that all interventions are supported by existing evidence/research and suited to your needs.

What does this all mean?

  • You will feel understood                                                     

  • We will work together

  • The aim is to improve your performance and general well-being

  • You and your opinions are important     

  • All action points will be tailored to your needs and supported by existing research in the area

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