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Have you ever noticed that you seem to click with some people easier than others? When the pressure is on, have you ever noticed that some people respond similarly to yourself, whereas others react differently?

The goal of your 'Spotlight' profile is to help you better understand yourself, enhance your psychological and behavioural flexibility, and ultimately find new ways to thrive at work and in life.

5 key points:

1. Spotlight measures performance preferences, not capability

2. All preferences are valuable, there are no better preferences

3. Everyone has a blend of all performance preferences, although certain preferences will fall more into the 'Spotlight'

4. Personality can flex across contexts, including pressured situations

5. By developing your understanding of yourself through 'Spotlight', you can become more effective when working with others and under pressure


To find out more about cost, please be in contact or refer back to the sport psychology page to see how Spotlight could be used in practice

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