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Performance Psychology: Business & other performance areas

Ahead for the game tailors it’s services to many athletes in a variety of different sports, however, this is not the only area that Ahead for the game specialises in. Performance does not only come into the realm of sport, performance psychology can help to improve work life. Whether you are self-employed, looking to climb the corporate ladder or even in teaching, performance psychology could benefit you. Aside from this, performance psychology may also enhance your general well-being.

The service that Ahead for the game offers is designed to enhance your performance regardless of the environment that you are in. The service is particularly effective for high functioning individuals who are looking to push onto the next level or find the motivation/confidence that they have been lacking.

The process of arriving at optimal performance or optimal wellbeing is done through a variety of client centred techniques and basic psychological/mental skills training. The main driver of this is your end goal and this is a priority. Take that extra step and get the assistance that you are looking for in order to take your working life to the next level with Ahead for the game.

As with the sport psychology service, Ahead for the game can offer 1-1 sessions, group sessions and workshops to individuals looking to develop any aspect of their performance. Do to the unique needs of your business and how this may vary, fees are established on a POA basis.

As an accredited spotlight practitioner, this is now something that businesses and professionals are exploring more to understand their performance preferences and how to better work as a team. This is something that can be offered. For more detail, please refer to the Spotlight page.

Ahead for the game Is based in Weston-Super-Mare and provides performance psychology and psychological skills training to the following areas: Somerset, Gloucester, Bristol, Cardiff, Bath, Taunton, Exeter and the Surrounding Areas.

My Approach

A collaborative approach to enhanced performance

The main aim of such interventions is to primarily improve performance, and as a byproduct of this, improve general well-being.

My approach to consultations is on which views all presenting factors as a product of the environment that you exist in. With this in mind, I will attempt to understand your world and tailor a programme specifically to your needs. Within this approach, it is important to me that the process is collaborative and that you inform the path that the sessions follow. In doing this, I fully commit to the process in a professional manner ensuring that all interventions are supported by existing evidence/research and suited to your needs.

What does this all mean?

  • You will feel understood                                                     

  • We will work together

  • The aim is to improve your performance and general well-being

  • You and your opinions are important     

  • All action points will be tailored to your needs and supported by existing research in the area

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