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A 3 step process to finding your focus

Focus, something that we are often told to do, but do we really know how to do it?

To start off, let's think about what focus actually is. Focus is a word that we often use in conjunction with or instead of concentration. This refers to our ability to focus effectively on the task at hand or on what is important to achieve a desired outcome. Basically, it refers to our ability to identify and utilise task relevant cues whilst ignoring distractions.

When we think about focus, there are a few key points that we need to consider before progressing onto anything else. Dependent on task, we need to consider whether the focus should be internal/external, centred on process/outcome or narrow/wide.

Once this is in place, a 3 step process can be followed:

  1. Reflect and recognise when you are off task.

  2. Take action and regroup- interrupt your train of thought.

  3. Refocus and direct your attention back to the task.

There are some tools that we can use to help this process, these include:

  • To-do lists

  • Calendars/schedules

  • Notes

  • Priority lists

  • Allocate time to specific tasks

  • Reward yourself for completing tasks

  • Communicate your goals with others

  • Outline what you need to do, by when, what the plan is and evaluate your plan afterwards

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