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Concussed Karius

So in the last few days, news has emerged that Karius was actually concussed during the UEFA Champions League final. The findings indicate that the incident that could have led to the concussion was prior to his two mistakes.

My first point of caution is that this concussion could have occurred at any time in the past few weeks and he has not been able to fully recover. It is therefore difficult to pinpoint the exact moment that Karius was concussed.

Despite this, the symptoms that he presented with (if you are of the concussion notion) were consistent with concussion. Concussion may be associated with things such as trouble with thinking, confusion, headaches and difficulty concentrating. In which case any of these may be to blame for the actions that resulted in the concession of two goals to Real Madrid.

However, I cannot feel that this storm had passed and that it had been accepted. I understand that in my previous post I mentioned various reasons why this may have happened and I may be right or wrong, but the point is that despite all the debate, it seemed to have calmed down. This would have allowed him the time and space to get the support and help that he required. He may have insisted that he wanted this released to clean this slate, but I cannot help but feel that this has opened another can of worms.

Ultimately, I am still of the belief that he is responsible for his mistakes, regardless of the circumstances. Despite this and the release perhaps looking like a plot to rid him of the guilt and blame, perhaps UEFA and FIFA need to look inwardly and see what they can do to prevent this from happening again. An example of this is how players are required to leave the field in rugby for a head injury assessment. Food for thought.

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