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Ahead for the game

A Collaborative Approach to Enhanced Performance

Providing Sport Psychology in Somerset, Gloucester, Bristol, Cardiff, Bath, Taunton, Exeter and the Surrounding Areas

"When people hear sports psychology, they think, like, you’re going to lay on a couch and talk about your feelings. But for me, it was psychological training, just another component of preparation for competition"

Nick Rallis: NFL star

In the Boxing Ring

A Bit About Ahead for the Game

Ahead for the game is based in Somerset. It was developed with the aim that you may be mentally prepared for performance. At Ahead for the game we hope to equip you with skills that help you function at your best during performance.


The service that I offer seeks to get inside your "performance self" in order to enhance your performance and general wellbeing. You may be involved in any sort of performance environment such as a sports team or even a business.

The process of arriving at optimal performance or optimal general wellbeing is done through a variety of client centred techniques and basic psychological/mental skills training.


Ahead for the game Is based in Weston-Super-Mare and provides sports Psychology to the following areas: Somerset, Gloucester, Bristol, Cardiff, Bath, Taunton, Exeter and the Surrounding Areas.


1-1 Consultations

Enhanced personal performance


Group Consultations

Improved team/group performance



Enhanced knowledge of sport and exercise psychology

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There are many terms that professionals go by in this field.

Sport Psychology Weston-Super-Mare

This section is here to identify some of the terms that are used in association with what Ahead for the game can offer you.

Performance Psychology Weston-Super-Mare

This section also gives an idea of the area which is serviced. However, services are not purely limited to Weston Super Mare and Somerset.

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